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Quantum Reflex Integration

Quantum Reflex Integration is an essential offering at Roots to Thrive, and it serves as one of the few treatment strategies that we see work in real time. QRI works to address the symptoms of non-integrated primitive reflexes. As newborns, we are equipped with a host of reflexes that are necessary for our survival both in and out of the womb. These reflexes are essential for development, and create our involuntary reactions to stimuli in the form of sound, touch, or movement.

The patterns of movement established by these reflexes begin in the womb, and then further support the development of higher brain centers. These brain centers are responsible for muscle tone and control, sensory integration, cognition, and learning skills. Therefore, these primitive reflexes lay the foundation for the nervous system. Ideally, once a reflex has played its role in aiding our development, it should “fall away” and its signaling is no longer needed.

However, when our primitive reflexes are not integrated as they should be, the reflex can serve as a block to the nervous system. This can deter information we receive from our environment away from our prefrontal lobes. This can present in many ways symptomatically. For example, we often can observe sensory integration disorders, coordination difficulties, learning challenges, or delays in speech and language. Roots to Thrive uses the QRI Cold Laser Therapy to address these challenges, and we see the direct healing benefits in our clients.

The cold laser works by allowing the photochemical effects of healing to penetrate as deeply as 4 inches below the dermis. The laser is termed cold because it uses no heating effect or damage— just light. A combination of infrared, red and violet light therapy work in harmony to increase ATP at a cellular level. When more ATP is produced in our cells, faster healing is initiated in the central nervous system.

To best direct healing, the cold laser lights are placed along the meridians of the body, with specific alignments for each acu-reflex point. This is intentionally done to stimulate reflex pathways, and integrate reflexes that may not yet have matured. The QRI Cold Laser used in conjunction with Reflexive Integration exercises results in progressive healing for clients, and is a safe and effective treatment option for children in all stages of development.

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