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Rhythmic Movement Training

At Roots to Thrive Therapy in Charleston, SC and Online

At Roots to Thrive we see incredible success with incorporating Rhythmic Movement Training into our treatment strategy. To better understand why this type of therapy is helpful, we must first describe what it targets. In infancy we are born with a host of reflexes that are meant to assist our bodies with both development and maturation of the nervous system.

When children miss the opportunity to move through these reflexive movements and integrate them, the brain is not stimulated as it should be. This leads to stunted new nerve growth, and less continued branching of existing nerve systems. The result of this can be observed as a compromised control of impulses, decreased control of emotions, or impacted sensory processing.

To counter this deficit we introduce a series of movements that look similar by observation to yoga poses. Each movement works to engage specific healing in the nervous system to allow for mature reflexive integration and healing. To be most effective the exercises should be repeated on a regular basis, and incorporated into a child’s daily routine.

The effects of these exercises are often recognized in the short-term, and their full benefit is demonstrated by positive changes in motor coordination, attention to task, and emotional regulation. Incorporating these exercises into our treatment plan allows us to provide a tool to children that they can perform in any setting to support and maximize their goals.

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