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Roots To Thrive Therapy Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Roots to Thrive we seek to offer a unique and holistic approach to Occupational Therapy Servicing. Our treatment is based upon a ‘bottom-up” approach to healing. This means that we find it most effective to primarily address the concerns of the body, spirit, and mind for each child or teen before placing any expectation on activities of daily living. This alone sets us apart from other conventional forms of occupational therapy treatment and we recognize this as one of our strengths.

Our holistic healing approach to therapy allows us to work directly with the nervous system where our goal is to regulate, connect and calm. Based on the developmental norms for the individual, we equip parents, children and teens with healing strategies based in yoga and mindfulness, reflex integration, and social- emotional therapy. To customize our treatment strategy, we utilize our knowledge based in each of these areas. From there we can evaluate where a child or teen may be impaired in their progression towards development.

We often begin evaluation by addressing primitive reflexes that may have been retained from early development. This retention can lead to a host of limitations in social, emotional, or academic development. We address each retained reflex specifically in the form of rhythmic movement therapy, Masgutova Neuro Sensory Motor Reflex Integration, or Quantum Reflex Integration. Each of these treatments are highly specialized and rarely offered in traditional practice settings.

Another tenet of our care that sets up apart from traditional practice, is that we teach mindfulness based emotional regulation. We have seen the impact mindfulness based exercises can have on a child or teen’s ability to regulate their emotions, and to practice empathy and compassion. These practices in alliance with our roots in holistic healing are the foundation for the Roots to Thrive difference.

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