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What is OT and How Can it Help My Family?

What is Occupational Therapy- How Can OT Help My Family?

Roots To Thrive Therapy

Charleston, SC

As OT’s we are highly trained healthcare professionals who are committed to using our knowledge to evaluate and treat children who may have difficulties in a variety of areas of daily occupations. A child’s occupations are play, student learning, and fulfilling roles in the home. When there is a deficit within one of these roles we work to use client centered therapeutic strategies that utilize creative play. We address a wide range of areas such as sensory processing difficulties, decreased strength and range of motion, visual motor or perceptual delays, fine motor difficulties, and even social interaction.

We know that family engagement is the foundation for a child and provides the context for their optimal development to occur. A child’s relationships have the ability to largely influence a child’s success. We recognize the power of collaboration with caregivers, and the importance of involving them in patient treatment. Our goal in occupational therapy is to equip both the child, and the caregivers with tools to help them navigate their world and strengthen their relationships.

Some of the tools used to facilitate this include demonstration for carryover in the home, parent education, sharing resources, and helping to create routines and visual schedules. Each family has specific needs that we systematically evaluate, and therefore choose tools based on our treatment plan goals. As pediatric OT’s we believe that every child has the ability to meet their goals, and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to fostering this with the work that we do.

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