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In addition to and in conjunction with our traditional therapies, we incorporate yoga and mindfulness therapies for children, teens, and young adults.

Physical benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, balance, strength and cardiovascular health. Research also shows mental and emotional benefits to youth from ages 5 to 18, including decreased anxiety, boosted concentration and memory, improved confidence and self-esteem, and better academic performance 

Yoga and Mindfulness Therapy

Yoga Therapy

We offer one on one and group based yoga therapy for our clients. These can be booked as separate yoga therapy sessions or can be added to sessions to enhance therapeutic outcomes. 

Children in Yoga Class
School Kids Meditating

Mindfulness Therapy

By incorporating mindfulness exercises into our therapy sessions, we are able to increase a child or teen's ability to regulate emotions as well as feel compassion and empathy. Mindfulness is widely considered an effective treatment for people of all ages that deal with aggression, ADHD, or other mental health problems like anxiety.

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